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Guitar Hero Wii Controllers Coming Feb 27

Tired of rocking out by yourself or taking turns while playing Guitar Hero for the Wii? Well later this month, Feb. 27th to be exact, you’ll be able to purchase additional guitar controllers for the Wii.

Guitar Hero Wii Controller

An extra guitar controller will set you back $69.99… which is quite a steep price if you ask me.

According to the GameStop site the Guitar Hero Wii controllers will ship on 2/27/08.

Anyone else find the $70 sticker price a little much for just an additional guitar controller?

8 Responses to “Guitar Hero Wii Controllers Coming Feb 27”  

  1. 1 Grax

    $70? How much does it cost for both game and controller?

  2. 2 Daniel

    that price is outrageous. I remember paying $89.99 for Guitar Hero 3 and thinking “ok, this is $50 for the game, and $40 for the guitar - this is outrageous but whatever”. Now, I’m expected to pay ANOTHER $70 for a guitar?

  3. 3 lili

    does anyone know if you are just paying for the guitar or does it come with the remote, too?if you know please respond or message me at please and thank you everyone…

  4. 4 King David

    expensive, compared to what? paying a monthly fee to have fake online dwarf and orc friends? paying a monthly fee to have the online functionality in the games you already bought “unlocked”? How about paying $20 dollars for plastic attachments for your remote, which is, btw, MADE of PLASTIC, so you can really immerse yourself in the role of being an online dwarf dressed in placebos. How about paying more for your ps3 than you did for your car? Non of it makes any sense, so if some stupid kid wants to spend that much on a plastic toy guitar, fine.

  5. 5 Isak

    I don’t get it. What’s the news? Hasn’t standalone guitars been around before? I personally have two, one which came with the game, and the additional which I bought separately.

  6. 6 Mike

    Isak where did you buy the extra guitar? Ebay or something like that or was it at an actual store? How much did you pay? And when did you buy it?


  7. 7 Tracey

    I heard there will be one made by the comapany Nyko called Frontman in March of 2008. But I didn’t see a price… does anyone know about this?

  8. 8 Larry

    Amazon has the Nyko controller available on 03/15 for $50. Unfortunately, I looked at the user reviews for their GH controller for the PS2 and there were quite a few negative comments about the quality of that one. I agree that $70 is highway robbery, but there should be deals on these eventually. Gamestop is selling used GHIII WII controller disc for around $70 with the code AFF25 so I would probably go with that if I wanted one now. eBay is pretty flooded with discs right now as people have had to buy the bundle to get an extra controller, but they might go for more once the controllers come out.