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Intorducing the Nintendo Wii Directory

I’m constantly scouring the Internet for anything having to do with the Nintendo Wii. Sometimes it’s difficult to find specific sites pertaining to the Wii…. this was the motivation for us here at WiiSpin to design/develop the Nintendo Wii Directory.

Nintendo Wii Directory

All listings are human edited and approved by the WiiSpin team. If you have a site that is Nintendo Wii related, submit it and you will be considered for a listing!

Unlike other directories, we do not sell links, inclusion or premium placement. Only the best sites will get in and our proprietary ranking system assures that only the highest quality sites will be at the top of our listings.

To get your site listed in the Wii Directory for FREE simply submit your site.

If you have any questions/comments feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Have a good weekend.

5 Responses to “Intorducing the Nintendo Wii Directory”  

  1. 1 Jason

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for setting this directory up, it looks really useful! As with any user-generated database the key will be to keep it spam-free, otherwise it will quickly become useless. I skimmed through it a little and it looks like you filled it with some cool links I’ll want to check out at some point. Keep up the good work!


  2. 2 Penda

    Hey Jeremy,

    How about listing my talk show. It’s all about my “wii-search” about the Wii and Fitness Fun.


  3. 3 Jeremy

    Penda: Sure thing!

    All you have to do is submit your site, click the following link and follow the instructions.


    Hope to see your site in there soon!

  4. 4 Penda

    Thanks for doing this Jeremy. I can’t wait to explore all the sites. And yes, I’ve added mine too and talked about it on my show today.


  5. 5 Stronghold Crusader Extreme

    i like video games much :)

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