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Turning Off the Wiimote

Have you ever wondered how to turn off a Wiimote without turning off the console? To be honest, I’ve never even really thought about it… but I guess it’s something that should be known if you own the console.


I was reading through the WiiChat forum today when I happend upon this thread. User Guillotine gives step by step directions…

1. Hit the ‘Home’ Button
2. Press “Wii Remote Settings” down at the bottom of the screen
3. Press the “Reconnect” button
4. Hold down 1 and 2 on the controller you wish to be ON
5. After it connects (you can tell by there being a battery that is ‘lit’ at the bottom of the screen), hit ‘B’ to exit out
6. Press “Close Wii Remote Settings”
7. Hit the ‘Home’ button or press “Close” at the top of the screen

That should do it! Just make sure you only reconnect the one you want to be ON. The other should turn off automatically

Well, there you go… sounds easy enough.

4 Responses to “Turning Off the Wiimote”  

  1. 1 Free Wii

    This is great! I have been wondering how to do that. Thanks so much!

  2. 2 Isak

    Or, just leave it on but without touching it. It will turn itself of automatically after some time of inactivity.

  3. 3 Wii Repair

    A great way to save on the batteries on the remote control. Thanks for the tip!

  4. 4 Jeremy

    Glad to see the majority of you guys liked the tip. Anyone got any other little quirky tips that could help out some people?

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