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Nintendo Not Increasing Wii Production

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.It’s been reported that Nintendo has absolutely no plans on increasing their production of the Wii console. I just have one simple question about this… Why?

Sure… it would make sense to increase production of the Nintendo Wii. I mean for one thing, it’s […]

Wii Getting Rock Band?

Is the popular game “Rock Band” coming for the Nintendo Wii? Nothing is official yet… but Engadget has an interesting detail about the possible pairing of the two.
It seems as though they have begun selling “official” Rock Band microphones, you might ask yourself - why should I care? Well out of this comes a pretty […]

Japanese SSBB Intro Leaked

How much more news can come out for SSBB? It seems like this is all I’ve written about the last few weeks, I’m going to be tired of this game even before I get to play it.
In any case, the Japanese intro for the game has been leaked out onto the web… check it out […]

Update: Wii Raincheck Good Idea?

I’ll admit… I was a little harsh on the “Wii Certificate Program” back when it was first announced before Christmas.

Some time has past (over a month to be exact), so was this “program” worth it?
Personally, I was never convinced that sitting on a $250 I.O.U was ever a good idea… but what do I know. […]

Wii Getting Exclusive Star Wars Levels

Be honest, when you first purchased your Nintendo Wii… you couldn’t wait to play a Star Wars based game. It’s almost as if the console was designed especially for twirling around the Wiimote like a light saber.
Krome Studios, developer for the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, has confirmed that the Wii version of […]

Mario Kart Wii Releasing April 2nd?

Supposedly GameStop has been told by their higher ups to being accepting pre-orders for Mario Kart Wii… which will be releasing on April 2nd.

Can this be accurate? Everyone knows that GameStop has been wrong a few times about release dates. If this news holds up… this means that Nintendo could have a very prosperous Spring […]

Have you been wondering which characters were going to be fighting it out in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Well let WiiSpin quench your possible character knowledge thirst. Below you’ll see a supposed screencap from the Japanese release of the game which shows all of the available characters. Personally, I don’t believe it.

If this screenshot is […]

Police Using Miis To Locate Wii Owner

Police in West Yorkshire England are hoping they can use the Mii characters discovered on a stolen Wii console to help them find the rightful owner.
GameRush.com reports that earlier this month, a Nintendo Wii was found when arresting a 32 year old man for property theft. Police believe that the console was stolen sometime after […]