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SSBB Having Online Connection Issues?

The most talked about Wii game for the past month has easily been Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It seems like I couldn’t go one day without posting something about the game. Well today is a new day… and my first post is about - SSBB.


The game was just released in Japan yesterday and already there has been some rumors of underwhelming online play. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft got an import copy of the game, below you can a quote of him discussing his issue

“Back before Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released, footage of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Kyoto and SSBB developer Sora in Tokyo playing each other online surfaced. The online aspect of the game looked very smooth with no lags whatsoever. I’m assuming it is smooth. Assume because I haven’t been able to clock a single online brawl. Hello Xbox Live circa 2002.”

I sure hope that all the “kinks” can be worked about… with all the delays this title has seen - the fans don’t need anything else to depress them.

(Via: Wii.Kombo)