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Police Using Miis To Locate Wii Owner

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Police in West Yorkshire England are hoping they can use the Mii characters discovered on a stolen Wii console to help them find the rightful owner.

GameRush.com reports that earlier this month, a Nintendo Wii was found when arresting a 32 year old man for property theft. Police believe that the console was stolen sometime after Christmas.

In an attempt to expedite the process the authorities have released the Wii’s I.D. code, which is 7431 3732 8898 as well as some of the Mii names which are Seb, Pheebes, Nicks, Ellie, and Evie.

The site also has a quote from Detective Con Neil Johnson of the Kirkless CID intelligence unit…

“It may have been a Christmas present. If anyone has devised these characters listed and the Wii has gone missing, then please contact us urgently.”

Hopefully they’ll be able to find the rightful owner of the Wii, then maybe they can hit the crook upside the head with the Wiimote (without the protective sleeve).

(Via GameRush)

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  1. 1 Josh

    Aw, they’ve missed a chance here. They should have put the faces of the Miis up on posters so only the true owner could prove ownership by naming them. :D

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