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Wiimote/Phone Controller?

I was doing my daily canvasing of the Internet trying to find the latest Wii News for you guys today, when I came across this.

I was reading the article when I noticed the monstrosity in the left corner of the article. I just kind of set there and stared at it for a few moments, not really sure what to make of it. You can see a larger image of it below.

What is this?

My question to you is… what the hell is it? Some sort of Wiimote/Phone/Hand held TV hybrid?

It’s like a Wiimote and a phone hooked up and this is it’s bastard offspring. This is the kind of thing you lock in the attic or basement and forget about… until it escapes and terrorizes the neighborhood.

Note: I know this image is fake… so you can refrain from telling me what I already know.

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