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Top 5 Worst Wii Game Titles

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Recently I was reading throught the full list of Wii game titles when something struck me, most of them were utterly ridiculous. I’m not saying the games themselves are bad… just the title (the actual name of the game). So With that in mind… I present you with the “Top 5 Worst Wii Game Titles”.

Top 5 Worst Wii Titles

5.) Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing
The reason I chose this one for the list is simple, it’s a straight rip of Harry Potter. They could’ve gone another angle with the title to steer people away from thinking this, but when you want to get every dollar you can - latch on to something until you bleed it dry.

4.) Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
I’ve played this game a few times… it’s rather quite fun. Good game to play with a group of people. Only problem I have with this game is the title… it just sounds so cheesy and rather odd.

3.) Cooking Mama: Cook Off
First time I heard the title of this game… I just knew I would never play it. Hate to “judge a book by it’s cover”… but sometimes it’s probably for the best.

2.) Ninjabread Man
Seriously, Why? Is there any reason to have a game that combines martial arts and desserts?

1.) Petz Catz 2 / Petz Horsez 2 / Petz Dogz 2
Do I even really need to say why these games are all tied for number 1? I mean seriously… Petz Catz 2 / Petz Horsez 2 / Petz Dogz 2 - all of these are sequels… so that means there must have been a first for each of these… this is just scary.

Don’t agree with my Top 5… well then fill free to leave me a comment with yours. Keep in mind that this is just about the physical title.

4 Responses to “Top 5 Worst Wii Game Titles”  

  1. 1 Hugo Santos

    and i think there wiil be much much worse… lol
    but most of the games are directed to kids so i guess the titles will do the work

  2. 2 Crum

    Martial arts and desserts sound like a pretty good combo to me.

  3. 3 Steve

    As much as I love the game, Zack & Wiki’s Quest for Barbarosa’s Treasure is a pretty lame title.

  4. 4 Jeremy

    Steve: I debated about using this in my list… so little room - so many bad titles

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