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Archive for January, 2008

Actual Mario Kart Wii Box?

Could this be the actual box for Mario Kart Wii? Give it a glance below… brings up a few key points that might help in making up your mind…
Mario Kart Wii title has dropped its “tentative” moniker and that the ESRB has given it an “E” rating. The logo is certainly different than the one [...]

SSBB Video: Game Modes Intro

To help with some of the confusion, the Dojo has released a video that highlights the different game modes for SSBB… check it out below.

With all of the news flying around about SSBB… can you believe that it still doesn’t get released here in the states for over a month.

SSBB Having Online Connection Issues?

The most talked about Wii game for the past month has easily been Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It seems like I couldn’t go one day without posting something about the game. Well today is a new day… and my first post is about - SSBB.

The game was just released in Japan yesterday and already there [...]

Crazy Nintendo Wiimote Accessory Patents

Most of us know that things are a little out of hand with these extreme Wiimote accessories. But, who knew Nintendo was just as crazy with some of their designs.

Some of these things are just weird. For example the bicycle you see above… are you suppose to ride circles around in your living room? Just [...]

Rumor: Wii Fit Getting LCD Screen

A new rumor is upon us for the Nintendo Wii, this one is aimed at the Wii Fit Balance Board. It seems as though European and North American balance boards are getting a new upgrade… in the form of a little LCD screen that will show your weight. is the first place I saw this [...]

Autoboot Creator for Nintendo Wii

Ever wanted to patch a Wii ISO so that you could bypass the Wii Menu… and boot immediately? … sure we all have. Well LandeSoft has a new Windows program for you, the Wii Autoboot Creator. has the translated version of the release notes for the software…
What does it do?
With this application, you can modify [...]

Update: Newest Mario Kart Rumors False

This past Monday some Mario Kart Wii rumors started getting some big attention around the Internet… as they were going to be published in NMag (a Nintendo centric magazine). Well, it appears those rumors were nothing more than mere speculation on their part… as they’ve been squashed by Nintendo.

Go Nintendo had the original post with [...]

New SSBB Challengers

The Internet is boiling over with leaks from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as the game hits the streets in Japan this week. Recently some photos revealing some of the new photos have surfaced… you should be pleasantly surprised.

In an effort to not ruin the fun for the few who don’t like spoilers, hit the “continue [...]