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Archive for December, 2007

Well, today was the day for the “Wii Certificate program” at GameStop stores across the country. Did anyone get one… or was you even interested in it.
I”ll be honest with you, I was never a big fan of this “program“. I didn’t like that you had to pay full price… wait over 30 days before [...]

Virtual Console Getting 2 More Consoles?

Nintendo recently updated their Japanese Virtual Console page, in doing so they added two more boxes (where two new consoles would go)… but what does this mean? Sure, the argument could be made that their just wanting the site to balance out - using the ancient technique of “fengshui“. Highly unlikely, but still plausible.

In all [...]

Does The Wii Attract Roaches?

The Japanese entertainment magazine BARKS has started a “rumor” that a powered-on Wii emits a sound frequency that is in the range to which cockroaches are attracted. WTF?

This is just pure speculation here, but I’m guessing it’s someone living in pure squalor trying to pass the buck on their cleanliness. “It can’t be me with [...]

“Wii Certificate Program” Explained

Good News: If you go to GameStop this Friday, 12/21/07, you’ll be able to purchase a “Wii Certificate” that guarantees you a Nintendo Wii.
Bad News: You won’t be able to pick up your already purchased console until January 25th… that’s right - over a month.

So pretty much, this is how it boils down… you give [...]

A 15 year old Canadian lad was caught smoking Pot in the families backyard by his father. To teach his son a lesson the father decided to sale his “hard-to-find” Christmas gift, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, on eBay. The game retails for somewhere around $90… to the amazement of pretty much everyone… the [...]

Nintendo Losing Money on Non-Existent Wiis

You would think that Nintendo would be swimming in a pool of cash with the popularity of the Wii, much like Scrooge McDuck did. Well.. they pretty much are, but what about every family who wants to buy a Wii… and can’t find one? Every console that could’ve bee sold, but isn’t… is lost money [...]

Wii Fit a Hit… in Japan

In just it’s second week of release the exercise themed bundle “Wii Fit” has claimed the number one spot of game sales in Japan.

According to…
Three games sold over 100,000 units this week, with Wii Fit on 150,000, Mario Party DS rising up four places to number two with 107,000 units sold and Namco’s Tales [...]

Have you heard the rumor about Japan getting the Wii in more colors than just white in 2008? You haven’t… well don’t get to excited - it’s all a lie. has the original rumor…
According to a rumor allegedly sourced from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine, Nintendo plans to introduce new Wii colors to [...]