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The Great Holiday 2007 Wii Shortage

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.Be honest, does this really surprise anyone? The Wii has been an elusive console to find ever since it was released last year. With the Holiday season set to kick off here next week, finding a Wii might be a version of a […]

Super Mario Galaxy Releases Today!

After what seems like an eternity… Super Mario Galaxy is here. It finally hit the store shelves today for the Wii, after it had become one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Also, from what I’ve been reading… it’s getting some rave reviews.
In case a few of you aren’t very familiar with Super […]

Nintendo Wii Getting “The Shaft”

No seriously… a company called Overline Gaming is coming out with a new “Arcade Style Joystick for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console” and it’s called The Shaft.

According to the WiiShaft.com…
Pre-Order Now for Dec 24 Delivery | Get 1 for $39.95 or 2 for $69.95 | Normal Retail Price is $79.95 for 1!
A Customizable Turbo Function […]

Should the Wii Play DVD’s?

Having the Wii Play DVD’s… is there really a high demand for this? Wouldn’t you agree that probably 99.9% of people who own Wii’s already have a DVD player? I’m just saying, I don’t see this being a very big draw for Nintendo, I don’t see many people buying a Wii for the DVD playback.

Maybe […]

Full Wii Attachment Aresenal

Yesterday I brought you the news of a new fishing attachment for the Nintendo Wii. Well, let me introduce you to the “Dragon Wii Weapon Kit 8 in 1 Bundle Set”.

I’m sort of at a loss for words with this one… I think the above image speaks for itself. I mean when your playing […]

New Wii Channel: Check Mii Out

Have you got a few Mii’s that your wanting to show off, but have no place to do it? Well you might be in luck… on November 11th Nintendo is launching a new free channel entitled “Check Mii Out”.
“The Check Mii Out Channel lets people show off their Mii creations and vote on those […]

Wii Fishing Just Got Dangerous

I know that most of you out there are wondering “How can I increase the chances of getting injured while playing the Wii?” Well let me be one of the firsts to introduce you to the Dragon Wii Fishing Rod Advance.

Yes, that’s right… it’s a 4 ft. piece of hard plastic that attaches to the […]

I’ll have to admit, this one left me a little dumbfounded. The Canadian branch of Nintendo has launched a new campaign urging families to not just sit around… but “Get Up and Play!”.

I see what they’re going for here… but seriously? Is there no better way of advertising the Wii as being “fun for the […]