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Best Buy Caught Lying About Wii Stock

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Customers who recently bought the “Last Wii” at the Best Buy in Princeton, NJ may have been duped. Apparently the staff was bringing out the Wii’s one at a time and announcing that it was the last one in the store, only to repeat the parade of lies less than an hour later.

The Consumerist has posted a note from a reader named John where he tells of Best Buys wrong-doings

I was now in the store solely to witness more of this sales technique. The second Wii took just over 15 minutes to sell - I overheard two manager-types (one in a suit, the other a yellow shirt) discussing it, the suit asking “Did Julie sell that Wii, yet? How long?” And then “Wait 40 minutes and send out the next one.”

It’s hard to believe that such an act could happen… in New Jersey none the less.

Is this sort of despicable sales tactic really needed to sell the Wii? From my understandings their already in pretty high demand. So what are your thoughts on this?

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  1. 1 jones

    it’s f*cking Jersey, what did you expect

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