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Archive for November, 2007

A Wii Zapper Alternative

If you prefer your firearms in the handgun variety, Nyko has come up with a third-party gun peripheral for the Wii to use as an alternative to the recently released Wii Zapper.
Unlike the Wii Zapper, which holds both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk for a two handed gun experience, Nyko’s Perfect Shot only holds [...]

Walmart Selling Wii Gift Cards

For some reason this struck me as a little “cheap“, and I’m not referring to the price. is currently selling a Gift Card with that value of $249.24 (the price of a Nintendo Wii) - in hopes that parents will buy the gift card to give to their children for the Holidays.

“Merry Christmas little Joey, [...]

‘Tis the Season for Turkey and Mario

I know there’s going to be a lot of people here in the U.S. playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy this long Thanksgiving Weekend.

Accroding to, the game has already sold over 500,000 copies in its first week. Add that to a long weekend and kids wanting to escape their [...]

Wii Zapper Now Available

Yesterday Nintendo released the highly anticipated Wii Zapper, a shooting accessory for the Wii Console. The Wii Zapper gains it’s controls by users snapping in the Wii Remote and Nunchuck into designated spots. With the Wii Zapper coming in just around $20… it seems well worth the price.

Included in the box with the Wii Zapper [...]

Wii Turns 1 Today in the US

A full 365 days have come and gone since the Nintendo Wii first hit shelves here in the US. Within this past year we’ve seen both joy and frustration from gamers… some have yet to find the elusive console.

Looking back on the year, the Wii has had some interesting moments… we’ve seen whole sites devoted [...]

Ghostbusters Coming To The Wii Next Fall

Some of my boyhood heroes, The Ghostbusters, are coming to a gaming console near you. The protectors of New York City from the paranormal are getting a new video game for the Wii, DS, PS2, PS3, and the Xbox 360.

Below is the “Game Info” from the official site…
The Ghostbusters are back in an all [...]

Amazon Selling Wiis for $79?

After reading all the articles and blog posts about how scarce the Nintendo Wii is going to be this holiday season, I was a bit shocked to learn what has going on. They have a current promotion running that could potentially allow you to buy a Wii for $79!

The Wii isn’t the only game [...]

Best Buy Caught Lying About Wii Stock

Customers who recently bought the “Last Wii” at the Best Buy in Princeton, NJ may have been duped. Apparently the staff was bringing out the Wii’s one at a time and announcing that it was the last one in the store, only to repeat the parade of lies less than an hour later.
The Consumerist has [...]