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Wii Sports Wins 6 Bafta Awards

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.Pretty big fan of the Nintendo Wii title “Wii Sports”? Well so are the good folks who chose the winners of this years Bafta awards. Wii Sports cleaned up, winning 6 awards… by far the most of any game title.
Wii Sports was named […]

Nintendo Assists In Wii Piracy Crackdown

A Hong Kong court ordered a raid which lead to the seizure of 10,000 game copying devices and mod chips for the Nintendo Wii.
The two places in question, Supreme Factory Ltd. and Diveneo SRL, were also ordered to stop further distribution of their products, according to Bloomberg.com.
The mod chips that were seized in the raid […]

Silent Hill 5 and the Wii Usage Catch 22

I posted last week on Wii Blog about concerns of “Wii Boredom” popping up lately, and now it seems that this type of mentality is starting to affect game development for the Wii.
Most people seem to think that if there is any Wii boredom, it is because there is a lack of interesting titles out […]

Sadly enough, this is true. Activision announced today it will be releasing a video game based on the ABC television show “Dancing with the Stars”.
According to Forbes.com, The game will be available on October 30th. This means it comes out just in time for Halloween, I can’t think of anything more frighting than spending any […]

At this year’s E3 2007, the latest incarnation of Mario Kart was introduced. According to 1up.com Reggie Fils-Anime hinted around that more racers equals more fun… this left many people perplexed. There was much speculation about what he meant with that statement.
This week Nintendo held a press conference in Japan where CEO Satoru Iwata let […]

THQ Gains Rights To Develop Wii Games

According to Canada.com, Nintendo has made a deal with video game publisher THQ allowing them to design games featuring their intellectual property.
The deal with THQ will run until October 13, 2009. It will give them the right to market and develop games for the Nintendo Wii within the Western Hemisphere.
Nintendo will have the right […]

Wii Unveils List of Upcoming Games

Last week Nintendo unveiled their impressive list of upcoming games for the Wii gaming console. Let me be one of the first to inform you that the list is quite long.
The games range from kid titles such as SpongeBob’s Atlantis SquarePantis, and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 to more adult titles like the ultra […]

The UK to Get A Taste of the Wii Lightsaber

According to Reg Hardware, Lucas Arts will be debuting it’s lightsaber Wii peripheral for the upcoming Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga title at the GameCity festival in the UK.
The festival takes place October 24th through October 28, but the Star Wars demo will only happen on one day, the 26th.
Star Wars fans have waited […]