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Do-It-Yourself: Wii Balance Board

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Can’t wait for the release of the Wii Fitness Board? Well a Japanese magazine, Game Labo magazine, may have the answer for you. They’ve published a how-to on building your very own Wii balance board.

This may be a godsend for the Wii users that are pushing 300+ in weight, which is the max weight for the Wii Fitness Board. This way they can be reinforced as needed. Ironic how a “Fitness” board would have a weight limit… don’t you think?

Even though the article is published in Japanese, the building instructions look pretty simple to follow. According to gamersweb00it.blog.dada.net, a classic controller is needed when building your own board.

Follow this link to see some photos of the magazine.

2 Responses to “Do-It-Yourself: Wii Balance Board”  

  1. 1 nathan

    300lbs is a pretty high number. If you’re really weighing that much it might be time to rethink your weight loss strategy, as video games may well have been what got you to this point.

    Though I’d love to see what doctors and fitness folk are saying about the Wii vs. traditional gaming.

  2. 2 Jesse

    Is there any way that can be translated into english?

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