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With E3 now in the rear-view mirror and game companies having revealed all they
have to offer, Popular Mechanics’ intrepid E3 reporters sat down to mull
over everything they had seen and produce a top 10 list. To see which games won
them over, check out:
Popular Mechanics Game Reviews
And, lest you take them seriously, also [...]

07/07/07 - Maybe Your Lucky Day?

Kind of a weird post, but I feel honored to be around and witnessing such a rare day in history. In case you have missed all the hype, today is 07/07/07, and there is a lot going on.
Here in the USA, thousands of people are getting married, having religious ceremonies and other stuff. It [...]

Well, once again, Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Wii game console outsold Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3. This time by an astounding ratio of over 6 to 1 in June in Japan solidifying Nintendo’s leading position.
Nintendo sold 270,974 units of the Wii in the four weeks ending on June 24, compared with 41,628 units for the PS3 and [...]