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Archive for May, 2007

The Great White Wii Shortage

Still having a hard time finding a Wii? Well, get used to it. According to analysts, it will not get any easier thruout the year…with the biggest fear being a shortage at Christmas time.
“Demand still appears to exceed supply, and we believe that shortages could persist through the remainder of the year, including the key [...]

Yesterday PC World unveiled their list of the 100 best products of 2007. Coming in a very strong 3rd is the Nintendo Wii. Not only is the Wii dominating the gaming industry, it is dominating the electronics industry itself.
Nintendo beat out a wide variety of products, including the 80GB Apple iPod and the RIM Blackberry [...]

Wendy’s Giving Away Free Wii’s

The popular fast food chain, Wendy’s is now offering a chance to win Wii consoles, games, and point cards with a purchase of their new delicious Frosty Float. They are offering 800 Wii consoles, 800 Wii games, and 800 Wii point cards attached to several cups with peel off stickers……and they say eating fast food [...]

Happy Anniversary Wii!

May 19th marked the six-month anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Wii.
It has been an amazing, and surprising journey thus far. I don’t believe anybody over at Microsoft or Sony could have predicted the sheer success of the little white box from Nintendo. Actually, I don’t believe Nintendo themselves could have predicted it [...]

The NPD sales figures were recently released for the video game market for the month of April with the Nintendo DS and the Wii pulling away from Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Nintendo’s April sales of 471,000 units of its handheld Nintendo DS along with 360,000 units of its Wii gaming console combine for over 800,000 [...]

Free Wii?

Is there a such thing as a free wii? We shall find out soon. Stay tuned….