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Wii Sales Top Xbox 360 and PS3 for January

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Nintendo Company’s Wii outsold Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 during January as consumers bought 436,000 of the gaming consoles.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the second-most purchased machine with sales of 294,000, followed by PlayStation 3 with 244,000, Credit Suisse analyst Heath Terry said in a report, citing NPD Group Inc. data.

Crunching the numbers:

Wii - 436,000
360 - 294,000
PS3 - 244,000

Wii’s affordable price, and cool features and attachments have vaulted Wii to almost a 2-1 outsell of the other machines, which I think is incredible due to the fact of all the hype of the recent launch of the PS3. This could be due to the possibility of a shortage still for the PS3?

At any rate, the Wii is definately proving that it is a force to be reconned with.

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  1. 1 yo mama :)

    “Wii Sales Top Xbox 360 and PS3 for January” sooooo bludy obvious!!! i knew this before all three came out. ps3 is crap cos u dont buy games, u just buy lisences and send the lisence back once the game is done. and the 360’s graphics are as rubbish as the origional pokemon compared to WII POWER!

  2. 2 KatoOne

    Overall tho, the xbox is the current gaming power and I’m glad to see that because unlike Wii which makes gaming for the purists kind of awkward and the ps3 which is ridiculously out of most gamers price range, the Xbox remains fairly affordable and maintains the heart and core of where gaming began; with cool games and great controls. And for the record, I think the Wii is great but I see it as a support system.

    A support system is a gaming system that’s fun when you are bored with your main gaming machine due to lack of new releases. But as soon as the gamer’s main system releases a great game like uhh.., Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid.., obviously the gamer would be all over that.

    Example, I own a PS2, and a Dreamcast. I’ve been playing my Dreamcast a lot due to a heavy amount of games I have available for it. However, when I’m able to purchase God of War II, chances are that the Dreamcast is going into the closet for about a month or so.

    A Wii would be a support system for the Xbox or even (if a person can afford it) a PS3. The Gamecube is, sadly, a support system (but that’s because Sony was a licence hoar, and the Xbox snatched up a lot of PC developers and the better half of Sega-besides the Sonic Games forcing Nintendo into a shut out). The Dreamcast was one hell of a system but it had the same fate of only being a gamer’s backup due to lack of marketing skills on Sega of America’s part and of course what I would consider a cop out once Sony came in, even tho the bastards had no launch games and was selling solely based on DVD compatibility. The Saturn took a back seat to Sony and the 64. There was the time when Nintendo definately had it out with their former partners…, but enough of all that.

    My point is this.., the Xbox is the real leader due to familiarity for gamers used to the main periphral in gaming -the controller-, marketing skills -they did the PC thing for years- , great quality-quantity ratio of games (nintendo has great quality but very scarce in the hardcore section and I still can’t name more than 3 games that the PS3 has already released), and simply cool overall package (again the Nintendo is cool too but has less to offer and appeal to a limited market). I’m actually glad, tho, that the Nintendo is overpowering Sony. Hopefully gaming will come back to the gamers and not to the mass media market. We’ve got (HD) DVD/Blu-Ray, iPods, Televisions and PCs for everything else.

  3. 3 Sam

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