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Wireless Nunchuk

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An unknown source has revealed that Nintendo is working on a wireless version of the nunchuk add-on for the WiiMote. Obviously there would need to be a battery compartment for the nunchuk as well as a receiver for the WiiMote.

This would remove the problem caused by the dangling wire the currently connects the two parts of the controller together and can get in the way playing games like Red Steel or Wii Sports: Boxing.

Nintendo have yet to comment about the new nunchuk.

17 Responses to “Wireless Nunchuk”  

  1. 1 wii-mom

    If that’s true it’s a great idea. My daughter almost hung herself playing Rayman.

  2. 2 Robert K

    The Wii mote already has a receiver (bluetooth). Also, my guess is that a wireless nunchuck would talk to the console directly, not to the wiimote. It is needed though, because I’ve hit myself in the face with the wire many times playing madden.

  3. 3 jeff

    yes, I have whipped myself quite a few times playing TP, the idea of having the nunchuck go straight to the Wii is a good idea because, the battery and wireless reciever etc etc would eventually wiegh it down giving you (children) arm cramps etc.

  4. 4 sonykiller

    i think they should also consider a wireless classic controller. it’s pretty stupid that it has to plug into the wiimote. bit of a pain in the ass.

  5. 5 sonykiller

    also…why doesn’t nintendo produce a sleek ass charging port for 2 or 4 wiimotes. i don’t want some third party crap.

  6. 6 newsamus1


  7. 7 J-Wii

    i got one for my b-day, and wiimote and sensor were broken (internally) so i had to return it. think of the issues a wireless nunchuck would cause.

  8. 8 Dave B

    How about a gently coiled extension cable? Would be a lot cheaper and solve most issues without introducing new ones (if you made the middle connector locking in some clever fashion.

  9. 9 joe

    i think a wireless numchuk would be annoying. too many batteries running out and buying new ones :S

  10. 10 pipedragn

    finally! its time to really play my wii

  11. 11 Mr286

    If they did this…it should include a charger and batteries for both the nunchuk and the wii-mote. Then, there would be no problems.

  12. 12 sparrow

    i think they should make the wireless nunchuck like the ps3 controller so u cud just plug it in2 a usb port to charge.

  13. 13 JV

    i always hit myself in the stomach with the cord when i play the godfather and it get annoying

  14. 14 Kolm

    i would be cool,, but it would have to bigger in order to fit the batterys and it would have to have a separate wrist strap which would be annoying!!!

  15. 15 hork

    wireless nunchucks would rock

  16. 16 Jib

    will it fit in the zapper? (what if say the battery case or transmitter is a little boxy or the nunchuk gets bigger as a result)

  1. 1 The Tanooki

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