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Madden NFL 07 Review

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It’s been almost twenty years since EA started making the Madden NFL series, and to be honest not much has changed other than the obvious developments in graphics. The game has always been controlled in roughly the same way with little tweaks to counter the changes in control pads from console to console, but now it seems as though it is time for EA to do something a bit different with their high selling American football series, and luckily there is also a new console that is controlled in a way like none other. In a launch line up otherwise devoid of proper sports titles does this mean that Madden NFL 07 will be the first American football game that is really worthy of being bought, after endless updates that offer very little in terms of new features or innovative gameplay.

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3 Responses to “Madden NFL 07 Review”  

  1. 1 James

    Wow, 9 thats a high score, I might look into this, or at least rent it

  2. 2 mike

    yeah i own it or wii its ok
    I think the ps3 version is way better just because of the graphics and annoucers

  3. 3 frenchy64

    Good review, BTW you said that the sensor bar picks up the motion in the controller, this is in fact untrue. The sensor bar is really just a couple of LED lights to help pick up the pointer.

    The actual Wii unit recieves the motion information.

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