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Archive for January, 2007

Wireless Nunchuk

A new nunchuk attachment could be in development with wireless capabilities.

Today’s Virtual Console Releases

Two new games are available for the Virtual Console, both available from today.

Madden NFL 07 Review

It’s been almost twenty years since EA started making the Madden NFL series, and to be honest not much has changed other than the obvious developments in graphics. The game has always been controlled in roughly the same way with little tweaks to counter the changes in control pads from console to console, but now [...]

Hardcore video gamers could get some help keeping in touch with the real world around us as Nintendo Co. launches an online news service through its popular Wii console.
The Wii News Channel, as it is called, will primarily feature top news stories and photographs from The Associated Press.
Consoles with a broadband Internet connection will be [...]