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Call of Duty 3 Review

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World War II seems to have been a brilliant event for gamers and publishers, despite being very bad for the rest of the world, as so many games nowadays are being made about it, the latest of these is Call of Duty 3 which is being released on all three next generation consoles, although Wii gamers may feel a bit short changed in that they are getting a cut down version of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions in exchange for their hard earned cash. Many have been feeling pessimistic about what really is the first proper first-person-shooter for Nintendo’s new console, as it has not been built around the new controller, but instead the control scheme has been forced into what it an existing port which ultimately could lead to a lot of control issues rendering the game unplayable, but is this the case for Call of Duty 3, or has Treyarch made something comparable to the game’s Xbox 360 counterpart?

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