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Excite Truck: MetaReview

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One game that had me very excited for the Wii was Excite Truck. Despite many people calling it a Burnout clone I’ve always thought that it looks like a great game, and something very different from Nintendo, despite being essentially a sequel to Excitebike. It has received mixed reviews, but overall it looks positive for the American launch title.

Yahoo Games - 90% “A fast, fluid, and gorgeous game, with a remarkable control scheme, a gratifying sense of progression, and its own unique sensibility. With a launch title like this, the Wii comes out of the gate swinging, demanding to be taken seriously.”

Deeko - 80% “The intuitive, though expected, use of the Wii remote presents unique gameplay options that enhance the control and feel of your vehicle and go a long way towards making the gameplay more interesting.”

GameZone - 80% “A unique, exciting, and replay value-packed learning experience. (”Learning” in the sense that the game teaches you how to drive with a Wii remote.)”

Nintendo World Report - 80% “This is Nintendo’s best console racer since “F-Zero GX,” although it will appeal to a somewhat different crowd than that hardcore series.”

IGN - 80% “As a game that bursts right out of the gate as a launch title for the system, Excite Truck is a fulfilling, fun, energetic arcade-style racer that features a good balance of technology and technique.”

G4 TV - 80% “Excite Truck is fun to play. It’s as simple as that.”

GamePro - 75% “What works about Excite Truck? Simply put, its use of the Wii Remote provides a more tactile feel to an otherwise straightforward destruction derby racer. Without the Wii’s controller, Excite Truck would barely be worth a glance.”

Wii Advanced - 75% “Although not super deep, Excite Truck is a fun little Wii game. I’m most disappointed by the lack of four-player split-screen.”

GamesRadar - 70% “With no online play and only two-players a time, there’s little chance people will still be revving up Excite Truck in a few month’s time.”

1UP - 70% “Shallow fun after all, and it’s fun nonetheless. On that mental list we all have about the Wii’s capabilities, it’s safe to cross off “racing.”"

GameSpot - 68% “Ultimately, Excite Truck feels more like a tech demo than a full-fledged game.”

GameTrailers - 65% “Excite Truck has about as much in common with Excite Bike as Mario Kart does. Looking at the game on its own merits, it’s a shallow experience with a simple, yet finicky control scheme.”

GameDaily - 60% “Casual gamers will have a ball with it, though people “in the know” should look elsewhere to get their racing fix. While Excite Truck provides genuine thrills, its lack of modes and most importantly, online play, keeps it from being a must buy.”

Average Score 75%

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