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Trauma Center: MetaReview

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Even though it isn’t going to be a launch title in the UK it was released with the Wii in America last week, and below is a summary of all the reviews for Trauma Center: Second Opinion and it looks like it has turned out to be quite a good game. If you want you can also read our thoughts on the game from last month, here.

GameSpy - 90% “A perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii. If you’ve played the DS title, then you need to play this too. If you haven’t, then don’t do your new Wii the disservice of ignoring TCSO. It’s a refreshingly original game that’ll give you a ride well worth taking.”

GamesRadar - 90% “Difficulty is erratic overall, and some of the operations are infuriatingly tough on any skill level, even without your nurse constantly interrupting to point out how badly you’re doing. Still, even though we occasionally had to pause to curse at the TV, we couldn’t stop playing - we were addicted.”

Deeko - 85% “For what is essentially a remake, Trauma Center: Second Opinion offers up enough fresh, new content to make the game truly stand out. There’s even a new surgeon in the game, for crying out loud!”

GameSpot - 80% “You don’t need a surgeon’s patience or precision to appreciate this quirky, inventive, very likable remake of a remarkable Nintendo DS game.”

IGN - 80% “Trauma Center has a charming style, decent graphical and audio presentation, but really excels in the control department. The franchise has been given a rebirth on Wii, and it has never been better.”

1UP - 60% “It reminds me of that college professor who taught a fun class but didn’t explain things very well — in the end, you didn’t learn as much as you could have. Second Opinion’s fun, but in the end, you feel like you didn’t enjoy it as much as you should have.”

Average Score 80%

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