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Red Steel: MetaReview

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After being one of the most highly anticipated games for the Wii at launch Red Steel was expected to become an instant classic, instead it has got a lot of mixed reviews from the gaming press, so here is the full spread of reviews of Red Steel.

CVG - 80% “It’s a superb shooter with a great plot, innovative gameplay and some really brilliant moments that will surprise even the most seasoned of gamer. It’s a decent length too, with a good 15 hours of play in the main mode. But some control issues and patchy inconsistencies (mainly in the physics and level design) pull it short of earning that juicy [90] score.”

Console GameWorld - 79% “It is a fun and skilled gamer experience that requires some learning and patience. You will enjoy Red Steel the first time around, but I don’t see any space for replayability value.”

GameTrailers - 78% “It’s a game like no other, but it takes a great deal of patience before you’re able to truly enjoy it.”

GameInformer - 75% “Most of Red Steel’s faults lie with the game’s presentation. Enemies shout annoying obscenities in your direction during every firefight, the cheesy score is bad enough to incite chuckles, and the jaggy graphics look worse than many Xbox and PlayStation 2 games.”

GameBrink - 70% “The final big problem for Red Steel is its learning curve. You have to use the Wiimote + Nunchuk together in motion and in button pressing. This can lead most seasoned gamers to be thrown off for a good hour before picking things up. And with a short length of only 9ish hours, it’s a learning curve I’m not sure many will be willing to go for.”

IGN - 60% “It nails everything except gameplay control, which is absolutely and indisputably the most important factor. It’s especially unfortunate because the game’s aiming sensitivity is fine.”

G4 TV - 60% “The enemies almost seem to know you’re at a disadvantage, control-wise. They’re far from the brightest opponents, often standing around seemingly bored when they have clear shots at you. This does keep things from becoming frustrating, but in this era of challenging AI in games like “FarCry” and “Gears of War,” Red Steel can sometimes feel like a throwback.”

GameSpot - 55% “Red Steel introduces a promising control scheme both for shooting thugs and for slashing them with samurai swords, but wraps it in a buggy, thoroughly unimpressive game.”

1UP - 50% “Don’t be fooled into thinking Red Steel reinvents the FPS. It’s nothing more than a ho-hum shooter with a creative but flawed gimmick stapled on.”

Deeko - 50% “Horrible graphics - even by Gamecube standards - and a lousy presentation make this game something you’ll be ashamed to show your friends.”

Average Score 66%

3 Responses to “Red Steel: MetaReview”  

  1. 1 wipsy

    Dissapointed with reviews. Was really looking forward to this game when relesed in Europe on 12 Dec. I may have to rethink

  2. 2 figurine

    I’m not sure about it either, it could potentially be a fun game, and its really the only FPS for the Wii so far, but at the same time it seems like the controls could be dodgy.

  3. 3 max

    i’ve bought it and i can’t get enough of it. it’s definitely worth an 85 percentage score. good action, great atmospheren and the graphics are good enough for me.

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