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Archive for October, 2006

Wii Bits of Information

A lot of new facts about the Wii have recently come to light on the run up to the launch of the console.

Nibris’ Full Wii Line Up

Nibris has announced their full line up for the Nintendo Wii, which includes one new game Double Pang.

UK Wii Tour

Nintendo have revealed the dates for the tour of the Nintendo Wii that starts in under a fortnight.

3 New Packshots

Online Nintendo store, n-shop has posted three new packshots of upcoming Wii games, below are links so that you can view all three.

7 More Ubisoft Titles By March 2007

Although Ubisoft are already releasing seven games for the launch of the Wii later this year they have announced that they will have another seven games ready for the Wii by March 2007.

No Wario This Year

It looks like we aren’t going to be seeing an appearance from Wario on the Wii this year.

Australian Virtual Console Games has uncovered a list of seven classic Nintendo games that could form the base of the Virtual Console for its launch later this year.

THQ Announces Launch Titles

THQ have announced the four titles that they will have available for the Wii from launch day.