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Wii Region Free, but no DVD

Wired have spoken to Nintendo of America’s Perrin Kaplan who has confirmed that the Wii will be region free without any region restrictions like the DS. Developers will be able to make some games region specific. But from the interview it seems that Nintendo will not be doing this with their first party games. You can read the full summary of the interview here.

In another interview, this time with IGN, Perrin Kaplan revealed that there would be no DVD player in the Wii. The reason behind this is to try and keep the costs of the Wii down as much as possible, and most houses already have a DVD so it is an unnecessary extra.

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  1. 1 Bomernee

    Excellant! I really dont mind there being no dvd play back, its good to see a games company NOT throwing excessive technology into a console AND considering the consumers! Nealry everyone i know is shunning the 360 and PS3 for the Wii!! 100 years of Nintendo and many more i hope!

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