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Nintendo Conference Events

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This week Nintendo are holding conferences in Japan, America and Europe with major announcements regarding the Wii expected to be revealed. The most important of these being the pricing and the release dates, both of which are supposedly being revealed before Friday. Nintendo Buddy have posted the times of all the conferences so that you can find out the news as it happens.

Japan Event

* 8:00PM (Wednesday) - 2:00AM (Thursday) EDT
* 5:00PM (Wednesday) - 11:00PM (Wednesday) PDT
* 1:00AM (Thursday) - 7:00AM (Thursday) GMT/UTC
* 2:00AM (Thursday) - 8:00AM (Thursday) BST
* 10:00AM (Thursday) - 4:00PM (Thursday) Japan Time

US Event

* 9:00AM (Thursday) - 4:00PM (Thursday) EDT
* 6:00AM (Thursday) - 1:00PM (Thursday) PDT
* 1:00PM (Thursday) - 8:00PM (Thursday) GMT/UTC
* 3:00PM (Thursday) - 9:00PM (Thursday) BST
* 10:00PM (Thursday) - 5:00AM (Friday) Japan Time

Europe Event

* 7:00AM (Friday) - 1:00PM (Friday) EDT
* 4:00AM (Friday) - 10:00AM (Friday) PDT
* 11:00AM (Friday) - 5:00PM (Friday) GMT/UTC
* 12:00PM (Friday) - 6:00PM (Friday) BST
* 8:00PM (Friday) - 2:00AM (Saturday) Japan Time


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