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Possible Virtual Console Launch List

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Play-Nintendo have recieved a list of all the games for the Virtual Console for launch day, from a supposedly worthy source. They are also saying that there are going to be five titles that have never been released before in any form for the Virtual Console from day one.

Here are the titles they claim that will be available on the Virtual Console to start with;

1. Bonk’s Adventure
2. Castlevania
3. Duck Hunt
4. Excitebike
5. F-Zero
6. Kid Icarus
7. Legend of Zelda
8. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
9. Mario Kart 64
10. Metroid
11. Mortal Kombat
12. New Adventure Island
13. Ninja Gaiden
14. OutRun
15. Pac-Man
16. Prince of Persia
17. Punch-Out!!
18. R-Type
19. Rayman 2
20. Sonic the Hedgehog
21. Star Fox
22. Super Mario 64
23. Super Mario Bros
24. Super Mario Kart
25. Super Mario World
26. Tecmo Bowl

The list does look good, but more than likely it isn’t correct and we won’t know exactly what is going to be released for the Virtual Console until Nintendo speak. Anyway this list does give us a good idea of what to expect.

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