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Archive for September, 2006

European Launch Details

The details for the European launch of the Nintendo Wii were revealed today at a press conference in London. Below you can see all the details of the launch.
Launch Date: December 8th
Price: £179 (€240)
Contents: 15-20 Games at launch. Wii Sports bundle as default.
Games: £35-£39 (€49-59)

Wii Region Free, but no DVD

Wired have spoken to Nintendo of America’s Perrin Kaplan who has confirmed that the Wii will be region free without any region restrictions like the DS. Developers will be able to make some games region specific. But from the interview it seems that Nintendo will not be doing this with their first party games. You [...]

Super Mario Galaxy Preview

Super Mario games, unlike Zelda games, are rarely anything like the previous ones in the series, well at least since the N64 and the classic that is Super Mario 64. While in Zelda games you always have to navigate Hyrule doing tasks that you’ve done before and beating bosses similar to, or even the same [...]

American Launch Info

Information about the American launch of the Wii has been released, you can see it all below.

Released on Sunday November 19th
Will cost $249.99 (£132 approx)
Includes a Wii Remote, Nunchuck & 5 Wii Sports games on one disk
25 launch titles, with 30 by the end of 2006.
First party games will retail at $50
Virtual Console pricing roughly [...]

Nintendo Conference Events

This week Nintendo are holding conferences in Japan, America and Europe with major announcements regarding the Wii expected to be revealed. The most important of these being the pricing and the release dates, both of which are supposedly being revealed before Friday. Nintendo Buddy have posted the times of all the conferences so that you [...]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Preview

Super Smash Bros. Brawl already has quite a large reputation to live up to, with the N64 original being one of the most popular multiplayer games on the console and the follow up for the GameCube being the highest selling game for the ‘Cube so far. So far very little information has been released about [...]

Possible Virtual Console Launch List

Play-Nintendo have recieved a list of all the games for the Virtual Console for launch day, from a supposedly worthy source. They are also saying that there are going to be five titles that have never been released before in any form for the Virtual Console from day one.
Here are the titles they claim that [...]

Splinter Cell for Wii Launch

Ubisoft has announced that it will be working on another game for the Nintendo Wii. A remake of the PS2 and GameCube version of Splinter Cell is going to be made for the Wii, but with an improvement in graphics and controls. Luckily the WiiMote will be able to be used in the game but [...]