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Opera Optional?

A translation of a section of the Nintendo of Japan website regarding the Wii has lead many to believe that the version of the Opera browser for the Wii will not be bundled in with the console. The website when translated from Japanese says this;

  • As a save area of application and the data etc the internal flash memory loading of 512MB
  • Opera browser (option)
  • Application inside flash memory such as game and browser of virtual console starting to high speed

It hasn’t been confirmed if this is just a mistake or users will have the option of getting Opera for the Wii. If the latter is true then it seems most likely that a price will need to be paid for the software, probably downloaded via the Virtual Console. This is because it isn’t likely that Nintendo would take the same approach for Opera on the Wii as it is doing on the DS buy selling it in shops as though it is a game, when there is space on the Wii for the software to be saved. It is even less likely that Nintendo will offer two different versions of the console at launch with the only difference being a small piece of software.

Nintendo of Japan Wii Page

2 Responses to “Opera Optional?”  

  1. 1 Link87

    It could just be that it doesn’t come with the console but can be download via the Virtual Console for free so that people who don’t want it on their console won’t have to have, taking up unnecessary space.

  1. 1 old lyme