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No Crash for Wii

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Recently there have been rumours going around the internet suggesting that a Crash Bandicoot game would be coming to the Wii, but now a report from IGN has dismissed this as false. IGN have spoken directly with Vivendi who said that the rumour was completely false, calling it “rubbish”.

In this report IGN looked into the truth of several other rumours.

  • It seems very likely that Excite Truck will be another launch title for the Wii when it is released later this year.
  • The popular Japanese fighting game Naruto will be coming to the Wii at some point in America.
  • At the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany next month there will be several playable Wii demos, as well as new games.
  • There will be about 20-30 games for the Virtual Console available to Wii owners at launch.


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  1. 1 Link87

    I’m not really that annoyed about this because I hate Crash Bandicoot games.

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