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WiiMote Details Revealed

WiiMoteIGN have been able to reveal a lot more about the Wii controller. Not all the news however, is good. It seems that Nintendo have decided to use 2 AA batteries to power the WiiMote. This will give the controller 30 hours if you are using precision aim, or 60 hours if only the accelerometer is used. This means with an hours or two of gaming on your Wii each day you should expect to replace the batteries around once a month.

The controller will use 6kb of “non volatile�? of memory. It isn’t known exactly what this is going to be for, but it seems that many people think that this will be used to customise your WiiMote. It will probably be able to store your characters for games like Wii Sports and other personal details, maybe relating to the online functions of the Wii.

An LED on the controller will have two functions, it will tell you what player you are and monitor the battery life of the controller. The rumble of the controller can be turned on and off, but users will not be able to adjust the intensity of the rumble.