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Archive for July, 2006

New Trauma Center Scans

New scans from the sequel to the popular DS game, Trauma Center, subtitled Second Opinion, have been posted on the internet. The scans are from a Japanese magazine but it doesn’t say which one, though most likely it is Famitsu. It was recently revealed that Trauma Center: Second Opinion will be a launch title for [...]

Region Free Wii?

In a recent interview with IGN Perrin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Nintendo of America, was asked about the possibility of making the Wii region free like Nintendo decided to do with the DS. In the answer she hints at the possibility of this happening but dodges the main point of [...]

Heroes for Wii Trailer

A while ago the creator of Killer 7, Suda 51, expressed his interest in making another game for the Wii. And today some footage of the game has been released onto the internet showing what we can expect from the game.

You can see that the game clearly has quite a lot in common with the [...]

No Crash for Wii

Recently there have been rumours going around the internet suggesting that a Crash Bandicoot game would be coming to the Wii, but now a report from IGN has dismissed this as false. IGN have spoken directly with Vivendi who said that the rumour was completely false, calling it “rubbish”.
In this report IGN looked into the [...]

Opera Optional?

A translation of a section of the Nintendo of Japan website regarding the Wii has lead many to believe that the version of the Opera browser for the Wii will not be bundled in with the console. The website when translated from Japanese says this;

As a save area of application and the data etc the [...]

WiiMote Details Revealed

IGN have been able to reveal a lot more about the Wii controller. Not all the news however, is good. It seems that Nintendo have decided to use 2 AA batteries to power the WiiMote. This will give the controller 30 hours if you are using precision aim, or 60 hours if only the accelerometer [...]

Nintendo Registers More Trademarks

It seems that Nintendo has registered yet another batch of trademarks, some of which seem to relate to the Wii. Here is a list of the recently registered trademarks;

Taru Jetrace

There has been speculation regarding this trademarks though little in known about them at present. We and Oui, are likely to relate to the Wii. While [...]

Wii Motor Sports?

According to the latest edition of Nintendo Power Wii Sports: Airplane will in fact not be another game in the Wii Sports collection, but instead may be part of another collection of games known as Wii Motor Sports. The game would also include other simple to control vehicles, Nintendo have said that this could include [...]