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Metroid Prime 3 To Use WiiConnect24

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In a recent interview in Nintendo Power, the official magazine for Nintendo in America, new details were revealed about Metroid Prime 3 regarding online. It seems from the interview that multiplayer will not be a main focus of the game, which is very unfortunate becuase Metroid online would be brilliant. But instead Metroid will use WiiConnect24, this could mean new downloadable levels or other content.

Nintendo Power: What about multiplayer or Wi-Fi play?

Bryan Walker (Senior Producer): We will not have multiplayer in Metroid Prime 3 in the same format that we had with Metroid Prime 2. However, we are excited about the opportunities that the WiiConnect24 brings to the table, and we’re seriously considering a variety of different functions to take advantage of that.

4 Responses to “Metroid Prime 3 To Use WiiConnect24”  

  1. 1 Jadnice

    It’s is not a big deal to me that this game will not have online play. I am more concern about superior cinematic storyline, great game play (new play mechanics), excellent graphics (should be way better than MP1/MP2), great voice acting, and very in-depth game play (hell storage wise the DVD can hold up to over 7GIGs).

    I am a huge fan of this franchise and expect great things from MP3. I hope it kicks ass.

  2. 2 paul

    i played all the metroid primes and clock them all and they were some of the best games i have ever played. so dont think you would need to have wiiconnect24 to have fun i have watch many videos about metroid prime 3 and i can tell its going to be one of the best games out! WAY BETTER THAN HALO 3

  3. 3 John Entwistle

    I wish Nintendo/Retro Studios would just come out and say “Yes, we will have online play, unless something terrible happens.” or “No, no multiplayer of any sort”.

    That way, anticipation will grow.

  4. 4 video Games

    I am a big fan of these games. Good gameplay rules.

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