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No Microphone For Wii

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WiiMoteIn a recent interview with American gaming magazine EGM Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata stated that there wouldn’t be a microphone in the WiiMote. Miyamoto said that this was because it would increase the price of the console too much to justify the inclusion of a microphone. He is hoping that a headset will be made for the Wii and it won’t be connected in any way to the controller.

In the interview there were also another couple of points of interest. Miyamoto hopes that they will be able to improve the graphics for older Nintendo games that are released on the Virtual Console. Iwata told us that WiiConnect24 will work in much the same way as a mobile phone, in that even if your Wii is off you will still be able to receive files. Miyamoto said that he was hoping to try and use WiiConnect24 in some way for the new Zelda game, the Twilight Princess. But so far he doesn’t know how to utilise this function within the game and is trying to think of possible ideas.

7 Responses to “No Microphone For Wii”  

  1. 1 me

    no source?

  2. 2 CoffeeMan

    says EGM

  3. 3 hunter

    wtf yea right EGM never said this. I smell a troll

  4. 4 JyJ

    Actually it seems to be true.

    EGM: So why not include a camera or especially a microphone?

    SM: Well, obviously there are questions of cost and technology. When you think about the type of microphone that would be easy for people to use for home play you think of a headset. And so the issue is, if you have a headset somehow attached to the controller, it gets complicated to use, and we wanted [everything to] be easy to use-simple and fun.

    Page 3.

  5. 5 James

    I don’t like the way Nintendo are dropping things from the Wii just to cut down on price, it already is cheap enough a few more dollars wouldn’t hurt its price all that much.

  6. 6 フォルテ


  7. 7 John

    so what there saying is there will be a headset just not on the controller..? thank god and i hope its like the 360 like with a friends list and stuff

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