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Launch Date Revealed?

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Cubed3 has found out the launch date of the Wii, from an industry source. The relaibilty of this source is not known at the time, but it is the best indication of the launch date so far and does seem to make logical sense. The source has said that Nintendo is hoping to launch the Wii on November 6th with a Japanese and European launch hopefully within a few weeks at most. However this may not be the exact date that the Wii launched due to the possibility of various minor problems that could occur, but it is when Nintendo hope that it will launch.
This seems like a good date for the Wii to launch as it is before the run up to Thanksgiving, and from the dates that Nintendo has given for the launches of GBA, DS and GameCube games it fits in quite nicely with those, as all the dates stop around November.


3 Responses to “Launch Date Revealed?”  

  1. 1 James

    This is good news, it means I definitely be able to get one before Christmas.

  2. 2 Sonny

    This would be good as I can get one for my present. Let’s just hope Nintendo makes enough Wii’s at the launch time so that there isn’t any shortages in the product.

  3. 3 brandon

    Unfortunately, i highly doubt the reliability of this source, since NIntendo has release dates for at least two games (just saw today at EB Games) for Sep 29 and Oct 2.

    Not that this is bad news, i am actually happy. i would just suggest people get more up to date info, and check multiple sources.

    Of course, my assumption could be bunk too, but i just figured campaniesrarely release games without a system to put them on.

    Happy gaming everyone

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