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Archive for May, 2006

VoIP for Wii

It has been rumored that the Wii controller will have a microphone built into it so that it will be capable of VoIP. MegaGames claims that Nintendo have even gone as far as taking out several patents, but they don’t have any links to them so there isn’t any solid evidence. I hope that this [...]

No Dolby Surround for Wii

In the latest documentation supplied to developers about the Wii, it has been revealed that the Wii will have no optical output meaning that it isn’t even possible to have Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound for the Wii. This isn’t final but I think that it is unlikely that the Wii will be able to give [...]

Starfox on Wii? has reported today that in the latest issue of Famitsu there is an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, who says that he is keen on creating a new Starfox game for the Wii. He also said that the Wii controller would bring a completely new experience to Starfox.
However it is unclear whether or not [...]

Opera as Firmware on Wii?

It seems that the Opera browser that is currently being adapted for use with the Wii will not be sold seperately for the Wii, unlike the DS. When Opera’s Scott Hedrick was talking to IGN he revealed that the version of the browser for the Wii would be very similar to the normal Opera. He [...]

Iwata Hints a $200

In an exclusive interview with GameDaily BIZ Saturo Iwata hinted at the possibility of launching the Wii with a price of $200. He says to the interviewer that they may want to check past Nintendo launch prices and that these prices are all affordable. He then says that people will think the price of the [...]

WiiMote Rechargable

There were some concerns from people that the WiiMote would require batteries and wouldn’t be rechargable. But luckily Beth Llewelyn, Nintendo’s spokeswoman, has today announced to Kotaku that Nintendo now plans to make the controllers for the Wii rechargable, and also that they all will be wireless. More worringly they haven’t actually even decided how [...]

Red Steel Preview

It is unusual that the first game to be announced for a Nintendo console isn’t made by Nintendo but this was the case with Ubisoft’s Wii exclusive Red Steel, which doesn’t seem like the normal type of game for a Nintendo console either. The basic plot of the game is that you are a young [...]

Wii Tops Poll

Here are the results from a recent poll on GameFAQs asking visitors which console/s will they own by this time next year?
Just A Wii - 29.05%
PS3 & Wii - 17.85%
Just A PS3 - 15.54%
Wii & 360 - 14.22%
Wii & 360 - 14.22%
None Of Them - 8.13%
All Three Consoles - 7.17%
PS3 & 360 - 4.09%
Just A [...]

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