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VoIP on Wii: Update

An article has now appeared on 1up that also suggests that there is a microphone built into the WiiMote. But they are suggesting that Nintendo is planning a Wii game called Wii Karaoke, the evidence for this is that Nintendo has bought the domain This is possible with the success of games like Sing Star, but perhaps Nintendo will release a Wii Music game similar in the way they are bundling a lot of sports games together for Wii Sports. 1up also think that Nintendo could just be trying to buy all the relevant domains to the Wii, and over the past few days they have bought a lot of domains, see them all below.

3 Responses to “VoIP on Wii: Update”  

  1. 1 James

    Those are a lot of domains, maybe the microphone could be used in games like Mario Party 6 for the Gamecube.

  2. 2 inSaneELF

    Wow, those are A TON of domains.

    I think the microphone in the controller idea would be great. Perfect for a karaoke game. But there is already a speaker in the controller, will a microphone work?

  3. 3 figurine

    If there were a microphone and a speaker in the WiiMote I think there is a probability that it could cause some problems, ie giving it feedback, but thats only if both were constantly on so maybe if you pressed a button to talk into the microphone it could sort that out.