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Site Update

We have been having a few server problems over the past couple of days but they’ve been sorted out now and the site seems to be properly working now. I’ve also got a new design made for the site, and I think that it looks a lot nicer than the previous design did. There are a couple of other small changes that are going to be coming soon to the site in the next couple of days, so keep watching.

4 Responses to “Site Update”  

  1. 1 James

    The site’s looking a lot better now, the header looks very nice.

  2. 2 inSaneELF

    Great website, but I recommend adding something to the header image. Maybe putting a Wii in there or something? I don’t know…

  3. 3 Sonny

    I like this site. It has a good domain name and a very good clean and simple design.

  1. 1 ppnjogjq