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Archive for May, 2006

Super Swing Golf Pangya Trailer

Tecmo has released a new trailer for Super Swing Golf Pangya for the Wii, which if you haven’t heard of it is an incredibly popular golfing game. It looks interesting in the way the WiiMote will be held like a golf club, which should be a lot more fun for a golf game than just [...]

Wii Sports Faces Confirmed

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed in an interview with MTV that you definitely will be able to cutomise the faces of the players in Wii Sports so that they will look like you. He hasn’t revealed how this will be done, but I suspect that it will be using some sort of application possibly built into [...]

Link: Sexiest Game Character

Link, the hero of the Legend of Zelda series has been voted as the sexiest game character by gay and lesbian magazine Out. This shows just how far the Zelda series has got into popular culture. This is how the magazine described Twilight Princess, Link’s latest outing;
When darkness enshrouds the land, Nintendo’s sexy farm-boy-turned-wolf sets [...]

Wii Tops Another Poll polled its readers on 4 questions related to E3. The results were very positive for Nintendo, you can see them below.
Which hardware has your greatest interest?
Wii 68.8%
PS3 21.0%
Xbox 360 7.2%
DS 3.0%
Which console will win the generation race?
Wii 73.0%
PS3 22.6%
Xbox 360 4.4%
Also for the game that the readers were most interested in for the [...]

Site Update

We have been having a few server problems over the past couple of days but they’ve been sorted out now and the site seems to be properly working now. I’ve also got a new design made for the site, and I think that it looks a lot nicer than the previous design did. There are [...]

VoIP on Wii: Update

An article has now appeared on 1up that also suggests that there is a microphone built into the WiiMote. But they are suggesting that Nintendo is planning a Wii game called Wii Karaoke, the evidence for this is that Nintendo has bought the domain This is possible with the success of games like Sing [...]

Wii Costs Under $250 Confirmed

Nintendo has issued a press release stating that the Wii will not sell for over $250. They’ve also announced that they expect the Wii to sell 6 million units but the end of March worldwide. I think that the Wii will probably sell for around $250 with a game and two controllers, or for $200 [...]

Smash Bros. Site Update

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Dojo site has been updated again. It not includes Wario and Zero Suit Samus, even though Zero Suit Samus isn’t really a full character as Samus will now shed her armour when certain conditions are met it seems. Her gun now seems to turn into some sort of lightsaber whip thing [...]